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Artist Ping-Gang Cheng’s promotional video filming in Boundary Art

During Ping-Gang Cheng’s solo exhibition “Poetry”, director Alex Priestley filmed a splendid video for Ping-Gang Cheng for promotion. This video not only includes the introduction of Ping-Gang Cheng’s art and his interview, but also shows other artists and photographer’s opinion about his works.

Artist : Ping-Gang Cheng 

Verve Series

Chinese ink painting on hand-made rice paper

"Ping-Gang Cheng combines history and Chinese philosophy with fine art, whilst trying to pursue the authenticity of the human's heart. His paintings are poetic and they often remind you of over looking a mountaintop or experiencing the ebb and flow of life."

Come and experience Ping Gang Cheng's show 'Poetry' at the Boundary Art gallery feat 'Verve Series' paintings and more. The exhibition is running until March 12th.

Many thanks to everyone who made 'Juxtaposition' private viewing on Saturday. The show is running until the 30th Sep. We open from Wed-Sun, 11-6pm.