BOUNDARY ART opened in 2015 and devotes itself to the fusion of communication and promotion between Western and Chinese cultures, believing that there should be no boundaries but only differences between the two cultures. Boundary Art aims to be the bridge introducing facets of Chinese culture -- ink painting, calligraphy, tea ceremonies for example to a new audience in the UK, while also creating an opportunity for a Chinese audience to view Western modern art. Appreciation of the history and philosophy apparent in Chinese art contrasts interestingly against the unconstrained and creative movement of Western art.

Our aim at Boundary Art is to create a multi dimensional space where customers can experience a haven of tranquility away from the stresses of everyday life. Where the artworks can be appreciated while enjoying an authentic Chinese tea experience in the relaxing tearooms. Here we are open to all genres and forms. Every piece of artwork that expresses impressive aesthetics and emotions would have the opportunity to be viewed and exhibited. The core ideology of Boundary Art has always been about the communication and trans-boundary of the arts, culture and thoughts. We celebrate original thinking and offer an international platform for artists, curators and writers, whether they have made their reputation nationally or internationally. Boundary Art welcomes all audiences and our aim is to encourage everyone to engage with art, prompting questions and supporting debate.

About Us

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