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Birth – Rebirth

2nd Anniversary Exhibition of Boundary Art

25th March 2017 – 30th April 2017

For centuries 'Birth' and 'Re-birth' has been a focal point of

representation in Art and literature. From the Renaissance period to more recent painters such as 'Jackson Pollock' where the process of birth is seen as a desperate struggle.

Birth can also be used as the origin of a concept emanating through the creative process and transformation from past to present. This transition of thoughts highlights the aspects of the artists' work and practice. And with

re-birth we see it as the need to change direction or create a new beginning. To re-visit, recycle and regenerate thoughts, techniques and intentions.

"A new paradigm is emerging, and has been since the turn of the

millennium. One that is in the process of reshaping what artists are: how

they work, train, trade, collaborate, think of themselves and are thought

of, even what art is. Just as the solitary-genius model did two centuries

ago." Here at Boundary Art we aim to provide a platform for the new

forward thinking that represents today's Artist.

We celebrate our 2nd Anniversary with this show at The Boundary Art Gallery. Please celebrate with us as we re-invent, re-imagine and reflect the past and look forward to embracing change to create a new way for the future.