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Andie Clay


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mixed media 68x68cm


mixed media 65x65cm


mixed media 61x61cm


mixed media 61x61cm

Award winning artist Andie Clay exhibits both nationally and internationally. Since relocating from London to the coastal region of Cardigan Bay her work has undergone fundamental change.

‘ My work describes a flow of energy, its undertow repeatedly drawing me back to the present moment.

Working intuitively and expressively with mark making and colour, Clay works holistically employing the eye-heart-hand reflex, seeking to grasp and express the essence of her subject and her gut reactions.

Her long term study and practice of Tai Ji Qu'an and Qigong help Clay to disregard any goal and to be in the moment, staying alive to the flow of the brush strokes, allowing intuition to lead the way.  

‘I find the ever present challenges from confronting uncertainty and the unexpected keeps my work fresh and alive until the last mark has found its place.

“If a drawing succeeds, be happy but don’t congratulate yourself.

If it is a miss, don’t grieve over it but take a new sheet of paper.” Frederick Franck, The Zen of Seeing.’                                                                                      

I predominantly use the medium of pen and ink with the detail and the building up of shadows and depth with straight lines”.  The actual sizes of the pictures vary enormously. They all, however, no matter how large or small, contain the same singularly detailed and minute focused attention that I feel has become my hallmark.