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Howard Coles


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60 cm x 50cm

Oil on canvas


Painting to me is not about holding a mirror to the landscape or attempting to confer to a canvas, some literal statement about its appearance.  

It is not a single destination -rather it is a journey, - fluid in its its planning, part intuition, part  inspiration. It contains the baggage of experience, - new and old, past and present which  appears osmosis-like as one travels through different layers of intent and  accident, of mood and passion.  

Colour and gesture inexorably moves each painting towards a number of possible destinations - but if I am not surprised by some event in its progress  I become wary of the paintings pedigree, of its place and , more importantly, my commitment.   

Many of my paintings begin with a walk along the shore of the Lleyn Peninsula kicking over the detritus of tidemarks -  watch incoming tides fill pools  and gullies, and wind giving form to dunes. Storms  bring their own chaos and sea-mists play "hide and seek” with mountains and estuaries - and these paintings take form.

Evening Tide

40 cm x 30 cm

Oil on board

Rain Clearing

60 cm x 50cm

Oil on board

Porth Ysglaig

90 cm x 70 cm

Oil on canvas