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Richard Cox


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Submarine pens (extractor) Lorient

55 cm X 76 cm

Archival Digtal Print


Richard Cox studied Fine Art in Southend,

Newport, Birmingham and London moving to Wales in 1975,

supporting his work in various teaching posts, including

the Wolverhampton Polytechnic, RCA, Kunstakademeit I Trondheim,

Delhi College of Art and Pennsylvania Academy of Arts, and has

worked as a visual arts organiser. From 1983-98 as

Visual Arts Officer at SEWAA and the Arts Council of Wales

running the Artists in Residence (AiR) and

international exchange programmes.  He has worked as an AiR

at Kunstakademeit i Trondheim 1988, UWIC 1998, Bemis Centre

for Contemporary Arts 1999 & 2001, Omaha, University of Hijiyama 2002,

Hiroshima, Delhi College of Art 2001 and Rajasthan School of Art in 2007.

Since 1993 he has worked with artists in India and  

toured "Subterranean Architecture. Stepwells in Western India",

to 14 venues in  India, and the UK,  including the

Tamarind Art Gallery NYC in 2010, and Montclair State Univerrsity NJ in 2012.

His work is held in 27 public collections in the UK and internationally,

including the National Museum and Galleries of Wales   The State Museum  

at Majdanek, Jawahar Kala Kendra, State of Rajasthan, British Council

New Delhi and  Newport Museum and Art Gallery. His work has been

published in several journals including  the Royal Geographic Society

and MADE, the Welsh School of Architecture 2010.

Most recent solo exhibitions at Howard Gardens Gallery 2012 and "1569"

at the School of Art and Museum, Aberystwyth University Autumn 2015.

He was gallery director for Howard Gardens Gallery at Cardiff

School of Art and Design from 2004-2013, and lives in Cardiff.