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 Cherrill Everley

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Dockyard Dawn

50.8 cm X 40.6 cm

Acrylic on Canvas


Cherrill Everley works in a wide variety of styles, ranging from traditional life studies to modern and post modern abstracts. Although she has often adopted realism in order to produce landscapes, portraits and life studies, her more recent work tends toward abstracts and semi abstract work, with the beauty of the local area influencing much of her painting. Cherrill has lived and worked in the Swansea area all of her life and many of her paintings reflect the city's rich industrial past.

Cherrill is also very interested in finding positive and negative shapes in the natural elements and depicting them in an abstract style. Cherill's work has also been influenced by her love of music and she has always thought of music in terms of colour, for instance hot jazz and cool blues inducing riots of colour in her mind.

Amongst the exhibitions that have shown her work are those in: Waterstones in Swansea, the Grand Theatre in Swansea, the Mumbles in Swansea,  the Central Library in Swansea, the Hype Web-Site based in London, Woman in Art in Barry, Women in Art in Cardiff and Longdale in Mansfield. Her work has also been selected several times for the Glyn Vivian Open in Swansea and just recently the Penarth Pier Pavillion Open in Penarth.

Gower Dragons

127 cm x 102 cm

Acrylic on Canvas


76.2 cm x 102 cm

Acrylic on Canvas

Oil on Board