1985 Arrived in Manaus City, Brasil, held the individual exhibition in the local Municipal Art Gallery.

1987 His artworks were sent to New York to participate the exhibition. Held the individual exhibition in St. Paulo Art Museum, Brazil.

1988 His artworks were also exhibited in the Galeria Gallery.

1989 -1990 were exhibited in Maringa City. Held the individual exhibition in Paschoal Bianco art Workshop Gallery.

1995 Held the individual exhibition in Rosa gallery. Participated the exhibition in New York International Art Museum, USA.

1997 Held the individual exhibition in Paulista Gallery, St. Paulo.

Born in 1946 at Shanghai, Even though dedicated to following the legacy of his traditional artistic heritage, Mr. Fang still continue to explore himself while living abroad in Brazil for 24 years. The two different cultures collided into a beautiful harmony, this unique culture fusion has widened Fang’s horizon, and a new style quickly took its shape. The soul from the east was stirred into the bold spirit of the Latin flavour. This country of enjoying samba dancing and loving football clearly influenced Fang’s whole artistic vision, what rises was a spicy yet enchanting power that became the essence of Fang’s creation and reflected through out his oil paintings. Observing Fang’s work, bathing in his chromatic rhythm, you can feel this vibrant energy, free and playfully dancing across the canvas; each piece exudes passion.

Fang Guanghong

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Church by the Sea

80 x 100 cm