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Boundary Art provides artists with a public platform from which to exhibit their work. With a shop front, exhibition space and a popular Tea Garden, we give artists the opportunity to interact with both the community and the contemporary art audience.

Whilst we welcome more established exhibitors, we are keen to support emerging artists and to encourage them to be experimental in what they show within a professional environment.

HOME Fang Guanghong Zhang Hong Cheng Pinggang PRIVACY SITEMAP Jon Prothero Emma Cownie Jan Phethean Lorna Wilson Mick Rafferty Leyla Murr Julian Davies Lynne Cartlidge
Cherrill Everley Adrian Paul Metcalfe Fintan Whelan Joanne Last Liz Lloyd Gigi Jones Gary Hamer Rees David Bellamy Kathryn Edwards Howard Coles Nick Davies Paul Lewis Amy Olds Wil Stewart Geoff Swindell David Brightmore Lisa-Marie Tann Bill Chambers Dan Hobday Richard Cox Sue Knight Zoe Preece Diane Horne Fred Kennett Heather Parnell Andrew Crane Andrew Hardwick Jason Rouse Paul Wearing Hilary Barry Julie Lawrence Kerri Pratt Aidan Myers Andie Clay Nick John Rees Alistair Tucker Arnold Lowrey Yuet Yean Teo