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Gigi Jones


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Lilies 2

45 cm X 60 cm

Oil on canvas


UCW Aberystwyth 1980, BA Hons Visual Art

Resident in the Welsh Valleys for 35 years, and a frequent traveller, Gigi’s chosen subject matter is largely based on the landscape surrounding her, both at home and abroad. Her creative practice includes theatre design and this influences her approach to painting.

She is particularly interested in the way lighting conditions can ‘change the story’, rather like the relationship of stage lighting to a stage set.

In 2012 she project-managed a multi-media touring exhibition of her paintings accompanied by poetry and music written especially, which were inspired by the dramatic landscapes of Gelligaer and Merthyr Common, north of Cardiff, and she will return there for a week-long residency in August to revisit some of those landscapes from a new perspective.

Her recent work explores the landscape on a more personal level. Less recognizable as places on a map, perhaps, these ‘landscapes’ could be described as more ‘internal’ and are more to do with the feeling of places many of us have been.

Lilies 3

60 cm X 86 cm

Oil on canvas

Lilies 1

86 cm X 45 cm

Oil on canvas