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Boundary Art 2017 Summer Exhibition

22nd July - 30th September

'Juxtaposition' is placing two elements parallel to one another for comparison. This act compares and contrasts each component such as light and dark, summer and winter, happiness and sadness.

In art, this is usually done with the intention of releasing a specific quality or effect, particularly when two contrasting or opposing elements are used.

Virtual artists often use juxtaposition to refer to existing images or ideas and suggest new meanings for them.

Here, at Boundary Art, we celebrate 'Juxtaposition' in allowing the viewer to experience the comparison of two different entities, or cultures to reach their own conclusion.

Eastern Art depicts all existence equally, with nature at the forefront. Whereas, in Western Art, living beings are more prominent, adding nature as a backdrop to the subject. Every artist draws on their own life skills from nurture, heritage, ethnicity and diversity.

Our Show features the work of local Western Artists - Arnold Lowrey & Alistair Tucker, who alongside Eastern Artists  - Ping Gang Cheng & Yuet Yean Teo, promote, not only the difference between East and West but also the differing sectors within these cultures, through the freedom of opening the mind of the viewer.