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Atomic 26

Motomu Oyama’s solo exhibition

From 3rd December 2017

After graduating from art school in Tokyo and being heavily involved with the Tokyo art scene, Motomu Oyama began his journey as a graphic designer for a clothing line whilst building up an impressive portfolio for illustrations for cd covers, posters & ads.

His obsession with iron began when involved in 3D metal work. He was so mesmerized with it's beauty that he has continued to express this through his work.

Based in Tokyo, until 10 years ago, he now resides in his hometown at Yamaguchi Prefecture, Kumage, on the south westerly side of Honshu Island. The lush surroundings of nature inspire his work through peaceful, tranquility such as the Zen teachings of meditation and intuition.

People's perception of iron (atomic number 26 in the periodic table) is hard, cold, heavy and industrial. Motomu creates soft, elegant and beautiful creations through his connections with nature. Likened to the role iron plays in the flow of oxygen through the bloodstream.

In order to achieve what he envisions, Motomu's work continues to evolve, through his deeper understanding and exeriments of the properties of iron. His mind is flexible to the changes in iron i.e through the way it melts, bends and rusts. His tableware collection is a fine example of the balance between modern industrial style and the rustic elegance of Wabi-Sabi - a Japanese traditional world view centred on the acceptance of transience and imperfection, an aesthetic sometimes described as one of beauty that is imperfect, impermanent and incomplete.

Boundary Art provides the perfect backdrop for his work where customers can experience a haven of tranquility away from the stresses of everyday life.