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Aidan Myers


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My work exists between the practice of painting, anatomy and materiality.
My practice entwines a multitude of abstracted physical processes to invent paintings that are on the cusp of being figurative.

Compositions concern ideas of ‘human conditioning’ and pose questions to some philosophical theories of materiality .

I’m completely captivated by deconstructing and exploring human instinct, systems of the human inner organic form and structures of the ‘non-linear’ material world broadly referred to as the subconscious.

I’m interested by how exploration of the non-linear leaves me more receptive towards new ideas stimulating my ability to create new paintings and for my work to suggest tangible understanding of human co- existence and consciousness.

Fascination with human form extends through life drawing and continual study of human anatomy. With many drawing studies formulating the basis to my compositions, I construct large-scale paintings that combine anatomical knowledge simultaneously with thoughts surrounding human conditioning.

This materialist enquiry through paint challenges human perceptions by interposing ever-changing, evolving and adapting relationships of multiple pluralities and contradictions, where compositions reveal nothing and everything at once and over time.                                                                                      

I predominantly use the medium of pen and ink with the detail and the building up of shadows and depth with straight lines”.  The actual sizes of the pictures vary enormously. They all, however, no matter how large or small, contain the same singularly detailed and minute focused attention that I feel has become my hallmark.