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Communication and Innovation:

The Fusion of Art and Culture Between East and West

Opening Exhibition of Boundary Art

From 21st March - 30th April 2015

Art is expression, as a part of life, also as the root of ideology. Not like language, which is nationalistic and respects borders, art goes beyond nationalities without any border limits. It allows people to experience the emotion and thoughts of the artists around the world, just according to the canvas or paper.

The aim that we hold this exhibition is to provide a face-to-face opportunity for audience to view the art works that come from various culture backgrounds, also, to receive their different expressions and appeals. On the other hand, in order to follow the tendency of globalization, we tend to present a new mode of thinking: fusion. How these outstanding intercultural art works work with each other? Are they going to come into resonate or intellectual debate?

As the opening exhibition, it can clearly demonstrate Boundary Art’s promise: For us, there is no limited genres or forms, we appreciate every piece of artwork that expresses impressive aesthetics and emotion. Our emphasis has always been on the communication and trans-boundary of arts, cultures and thoughts.