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Zoe Preece


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No More Words  (Tipping Point Series)


The condition of being in-between states is central to my current working practice. Uncertain and transient, it is a condition that exists at the heart of human being that invites us to question established categories and divisions, and to hunt out new possibilities in the gaps between divisions.

Paradoxically, perhaps, my means of exploring this condition is through meticulous empirical enquiry, and the works presented are intended to reflect this working process.

Through the testing out of porcelain and flux under the influence of heat within the kiln chamber, and the placing of found objects through a firing process, I am able to arrest a process mid-point.  

In doing so I attempt to articulate the in-between space.  I hope to capture the intangible – an uncertain moment, a slice of time – extending it just long enough to read it.  

No More Words (tipping Point Series)

No More Words (Tipping Point Series)