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Mick Rafferty

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90 cm x 90 cm

commercial gloss paints on canvas


Mick Rafferty’s art practice could best be described as eclectic. He does not subscribe to the tenet that pursuing just one particular route of development is the only means of endeavour. There exist many commonalities, shared perspectives and adaptable aesthetic and theoretical values applicable to most aspects of art production.

He regards it as a challenge and an adventure to work within a variety of subjects, approaches and media whilst maintaining a consistency and a workable systematic and stylistic formula.

Some paintings exploiting the physicality and reaction of paints have been completed within the last few years. Within many of these paintings he sets up situations where the paint is able to respond to gravity and the influences of material content.   Paint application is only occasionally by brush; pouring, dripping, drizzling, spraying and flicking predominate. Masking tape polices the no-flow zones.

Mick Rafferty has exhibited in several locations in the UK, three times at The University of Warwick, Coventry University, Upton House in Poole, Leamington Spa, Earlsdon, Huntingdon, Bristol, Banbury, Hoxton, 2008 Varenna; Italy, 2009 Malvern Theatre, 2010 Knapp Gallery Regents Park, 2011 Gallery150   Leamington Spa, Moreton in the Marsh,   2012 The Beetroot Tree Gallery Derbyshire, 2013 Portico Gallery Sevenoaks, and now in Cardiff.

Education: 1972 Dip.A.D. Canterbury College of Art: 1990 Post Graduate Certificate of Education, Exeter University:   1998 Masters Degree in Fine Art, Coventry University.

Dawn Patrol

100 cm X 100 cm

commercial gloss paints on canvas

Appropriate Goshugi

40 cm X 50 cm

ink jet prints on various papers

Went to whitstable

70 cm X 60 cm

aerosol paints and gloss on canvas

Grey lady grey

90 cm X 60 cm

giclee print and commercial gloss washes on canvas