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Jaosn Rouse


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Jason Rouse is an Irish artist working in Cardiff, Wales.

Selected Exhibitions:

2016 - Evim, CerModern, Ankara, Turkey

2014 - Made in Roath, SHO Gallery, Cardiff, United Kingdom

2014 - Far Lands, Millennium Galleries, Games Britannia Festival, Sheffield, United Kingdom

2014 - (Im)material Artefacts, National Museum of Wales, Cardiff, United Kingdom

Recent Projects:

2016 - Postcards from Ankara

2016 - Half-Life: Crate Edition

2015 - Webcam en plein air

2014 - DayZ en plein air

2014 - Postcards from Mexico

Selected Press:

2014 - Matteo Bittanti, Gamescenes:

2010 - Brian Stelter, New York Times:

“My work touches on the duality of past and present in art in relation to technology, playing on the preconceptions of the spectator and importance of their personal interpretation. Although I investigate the relationship between technology and art through other media and methods, painting remains my primary discipline.”


I predominantly use the medium of pen and ink with the detail and the building up of shadows and depth with straight lines”.  The actual sizes of the pictures vary enormously. They all, however, no matter how large or small, contain the same singularly detailed and minute focused attention that I feel has become my hallmark.

Wepa 1

Wepa 2