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Vivid: The expression of vitality

Spring Exhibition of Boundary Art

14th May 2015 - 30th June 2015

“Nothing is so beautiful as spring.”

Spring is the season of revival and rebirth, being full of energy, vitality and new elements. Thus, many artists use vivid colours and techniques to express their strong emotions of spring, not only to record beautiful sceneries, but also to discuss life and aesthetic experience.

Spring is also bright, hopeful and positive. The aim that Boundary Art holds this exhibition is to establish a communicative platform for both western and eastern artists during this visionary and passionate season, showing their different experience and feeling of “Vividness”. Meanwhile, Boundary Art hopes to provide audience with a face-to-face opportunity to communicate with artists, as this exhibition is not too heavy or obscure, we would like to encourage more audience to involve in virtuosity, knowing about and loving art.