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Wil Stewart

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Oil and paint pen on canvas

Reflection Eternal

91cm X 70cm

Acrylic, ink and paint pen on canvas


Wil Stewart, studied Graphic Communication at Camberwell College of the Arts, London.

Strong graphic symbols can be found in his mixed-media works which are influenced by his background in graffiti and street art.

Various mark-making techniques are employed to represent meaning. 

Stylistically,  Wil Stewart's art straddles the divide between complexity and simplicity, playfulness and sincerity; as a reflection of finding a balance in life. 

His works depict a human desire for connection with the  infinite  and are a composition  of energies, striving for a sense of peace and belonging in a busy environment.

Unitiled 2

Unitiled 1

Unitiled 3-2

Failure to see beyond the eye

100cm X 100cm

Acrylic and paint pen on canvas