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Amy Vans

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60cm x 42cm

Acrylic and mixed media on canvas


Much of her work reflects the different countries she has been to and the people she has met.   Most notably, living in Barcelona amongst the vibrant art scene, and the intensities and richness of India, fueled her passion for colour.

In Australia and later in Barcelona she was mentored by emerging Australian artist Mira  Bela, with whom she shares a delight in the brilliancy and plastic qualities of acrylic paint. 


Many of her paintings  tend to offer an impression of the lights of city streets at night and  are also influenced by the light and bustle of Barcelona, with a passing nod to Gaudi's multi-coloured mosaics. They have a rich surface texture and many layers.

She works very spontaneously, regularly changing my palette and experimenting with different processes.

It's only occasionally that she sets out to do anything representational. Mostly she is interested in exploring the colours, textures and depths that she can create. She paints what's in her head and the image develops as part of the creative process. 

Green Circle

102cm x 91cm

Acrylic on canvas


102cm x 76cm

Acrylic on canvas