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Fintan Whelan


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Drifting away

40 cm X 40 cm

Pigments, oil and varnish on Canvas


Born in Dublin, in 1967. Living in Germany since 2005 and since 2006 in Göttingen.

"After my studies  in DunLaoighre School of Art und Dublin Institute of Technology Mountjoy Sq., Dublin, I have taken part in art exhibitions on a national and international level. My work is found in public and private collections in many countries."

For Fintan Whelan, embracing abstraction does not mean a departure from the representational world. Instead, his painting is based on a dialectic principle that facilitates association with the world of things. At times, we seem to recognise a horizon, a reflection, a shadow, with space being split up into the different spatial levels, calling for a different mode of viewing each time.

His meticulous way of working offers insight into the balance between control and unpredictability. Chance and risk are allowed full scope, so that intention and the unexpected converge.  

2005 March Solo exhibition, 'Luz y Espacio', Museo de Blas Infante, Granada 

2006 May-Nov. Solo exhibition – Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Hannover 

2007 Nov.-Jan. 2008 Kunstmarkt, Hannover 

2009 Nov. - 2010 Jan.  Solo exhibition – Silberstein Atelier, Göttingen 

2010 Feb. Solo exhibition – Kunst im Quartal, Atelier Block 16, Hannover 

2011 July – August solo exhibition – MOTIONS, Lásssiette Gourmande, Gottingen 

2012 July  Dall'Acqua Nasce L'anima. Ex Chiesa di San Nicolao, Bellano, Italy  

2013 May 30 - June 2 Participation in the Artfair art'pu:l 2013 

2013 June 15 - July 19 solo exhibition - Reflections - Schofield's Gallery, Göttingen, 

2013 Sept. 15 - Oct. 27 Joint exhibition with Regina Korbel (sculptures) - Begegnung - Torhaus Galerie, Göttingen  

2013 Oct. Solo exhibition - Beautiful Losers - 4h-art Gallery, Hannover 

2014 Apr. Group exhibition - 100x4h-art: Rückblick - Ausblick 4h-art Gallery, Hannover 

2014 May Solo exhibition - Fliesende Schichten - Interview III - Kunstlerhaus, Göttingen

2014 June - Art'pu:l 2014 

2014 September Solo exhibition - Herbst Collection - Woggon, Göttingen 

2014 September Solo exhibition - Begegnung - Winkelmann Gallery, Hannover

2014 November Solo exhibition - Glimmer Paintings - McAuley Place, Arts and Culture Center, Naas, Ireland

2015 January Solo Exhibition - Flow Painting - The Moat Theatre, Naas, Ireland

2015 Juni Art'pu:l 2015

2015 July Wow Brows - Art in unusual spaces, Installation at MPI Institute for Dynamics, Gottingen

2015 Dec. Group Exhibition "In reality" - Kulturbunker, Cologne


70 cm X 70 cm

Pigments, oil and varnish on Canvas